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Vikings Jerseys MinneapolisThe game has official Chinese: you can adjust the Chinese by setting the third item.8.8 please log in first and then operate. In the long course of history, there have been countless powerful strategists, who either occupy the rear or maintain public security.Or charge ahead and break ground.In terms of bravery, the vikings of northern Europe, the cuirassiers of Mongolia, and the samurai of Japan can all be counted as brave men.It is unknown why the names of these arms have been heard throughout the ages.But what is clear is that they were born at a bad time with a grand ambition to build an enlightened age.The cold tundra cannot resist the determination to dig, and the western invasion cannot resist the determination to rebuild.In this way with faith, armed with the body, began a long struggle with the harsh environment.(in theory, it says so, then this game is a Viking, the second is a Mongol cuirassier, the third is a Japanese samurai, but, this game company came up with this one, above is my imagination.) Viking, as a synonym for warriors, has spent his life fighting trolls.Born in the sea, and alive in the sea.So a Viking warrior as the theme of the game, there must be fighting (bloody to see).It must be fist to flesh, you come and I go.(meaning, is to play a good game, the scene is real enough, there is no physical and level restrictions, regardless of which way you are Viking, ya is dry, panic is not panic) compared with similar Viking, the game does not contain physical system, and the scene is realistic, strike sense is good, weapon system is also very diversified.For the rest of Viking culture, the game is well documented.Detailed can take tribute to the temple, the Viking formation of the dormitory, really let us greatly supplement the Nordic Viking culture.Take 4 stars and a half deserved, also can be god 5 stars, but do not want me to review 5 stars after the beginning of pride and complacency, after all pride will fail!How elder brother, the evaluation quality of recent how is so amazing next time good comment oh oh oh!It's really getting taller!To the group leader thumb up (funny) good good good what is the name of ios ah "all hinders Viking plunder, all kill!If you want a piece of the action with us, then you are ready to come and go!"Real Nordic medieval cold weapon group fight experience, bloody and full of pleasure, a kind of end game "riding and chopping" feeling.Small-scale strategic vision can reflect the charm of play.The goal of each battle is to destroy three enemy transports and win.At the beginning of each game, the neutral village houses were quickly plundered, and funds were saved to strengthen their troops after the war.When the village house is divided up between the two vikings, it enters the stage of destroying enemy transport ships. In this stage, the real battle is just beginning.Whether to kill first or steal and burn the ship depends on your strategic awareness.If you kill an opponent vikings, you can pick up the loot funds accumulated by others, because of this, if you can save the funds until the final victory is a perfect victory.There are still a few features to experience, but on the first day of the experience, let me feel new, really amazing.1. The server is international service, not stable;2. Many functions are completely by trial and error. At the beginning, the novice guides are all in English, and the strengthened rules, item names, unit attributes, and interactive interfaces all need to be re-adapted.= = = finally or amway under = = = god, play to understand to share your experience.I continue to focus on education...Can the gods tell you how to start a legend?I've been stuck downloading it. You mean the plot?The plot is to buy the related legendary warriors, to unlock the story of the character, like the style of the United States, and English version.A few years ago the game, (even a little bit to eat the ancestor of the chicken feeling) to be honest in a few years ago can be regarded as more far-sighted.Develop and eat chicken play, only from the game will be really good.Disadvantage of domestic no agent, although support Chinese but Chinese is machine.The second is that the game is basically not updated (I almost forgot about the game if not for the tap promotion), so if I remember correctly, a character has been updated in a few years.Overall, the game model is good, but without good operations and updates, it's easy to get tired.Do you know dayz?Since the earliest Viking movements in the eighth century, recorded in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, the shadow of the name has spread from the coasts of Europe to the Baltic and even Russia, with raids, raids and raids.In those barren days, force was the only barrier to wine in the cup, bread in the basket, and furs in the storehouse.I, Viking is played with 3V3 players fighting in real time, with both teams arriving by boat at the same time in a small village and fighting for resources in the village.The game is played in the first-person following perspective. At the beginning, there are two characters that can be controlled, and the camera can be switched to follow at any time.There is Chinese in the game, although the translation quality is not very ideal, but it does not hinder understanding.The battle is the cold weapon of solid sword and solid gun to cut each other, click enemy can attack automatically.Each Viking warrior has a different set of skills, such as scouting, javelin, and swordplay, which are combined with terrain elements to make encounters more fun and feel good.But it's the design of targets and combat details that adds to the game's allure.The player's ultimate goal is to sink three ships behind enemy lines, or destroy them all at once.Keeping an eye on the red and blue sides of the map is crucial, which has spawned multiple strategies.Along the way the village house is the upgrade of the precious resources, killing the enemy can also obtain his resources.So there are a lot of questions for players to think about: should they stick together or make a diversion?Would you charge at the enemy camp, or would you sneak up behind the ship?The increasingly familiar tactical coordination with your teammates will keep you playing.If you have the ability, of course, you can greatly speed up the reinforcement process, but fortunately, if you are skilled in the use of strategy in combat, you can also have a good chance of winning.Overall, the content of the game is still surprising, recommended for players who like strategic confrontation, sino-european style, cold weapons, overall 4.5 stars.Just to give you a sense of the game, there are different units of axe, spear, sword, berserker, different units of different skills.And then at the beginning only 6 pawns, can be increased slowly, the equipment is random drop, runes later useful.The mode of the game is 3v3, player to player, one can only take two soldiers at the beginning, dead and gone.Then began to burn, kill and plunder, to determine the outcome of the three, time, who points more who win, points is to kill the British, *** their women can get, the second is to burn the other side's ship, also count victory, the third is to kill the other side.The easiest and quickest way to win is to burn the enemy's ship with a torch that must be destroyed to be captured by an English Lord.Support Chinese, the most important is to cooperate, VIP does not, RMB players will not operate as second.I think it is very strategic, high - end game by cooperation, you control the arms can attack or defend.Can't get into what what do you mean not to welcome the attention we developer center advertising on our Contact Us official activities to join our user authentication Discover Superb Games. The 31010402003255 Shanghai male it for Internet culture and business operation entity successful trans (' interface. Word. Success) recommended one day a global high-quality goods game, active players exchange community only included the official package, not combined transport,Support android licensed games buy advocate true score evaluation, ranking list from real feedback TapTap found good game please login first, then operate message authentication code has been sent to + 86 xxxxxxxxxxxx59 seconds to send resend * please use the real name and effective id number to new information * identity information cannot be modified after submission * not the identity information to fill in, was found to to ban the account * if in doubt, can contact TapTap customer service scan your iOS device to download the game, or access it directly. 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