Hoodie Long Aspen Christy Graphics Stylefashionnlt3 Sleeves

Hoodie Long Aspen Christy Graphics Stylefashionnlt3 Sleeves Christy Aspen Hoodie Long Sleeves Graphics StyleFashionnlt3

Christy Aspen Hoodie Long Sleeves Graphics Stylefashionnlt3Ningbo training > haishu district wold international English > faculty > Christy Wang teaching campus: haishu district, ningbo wold English good at: English teaching experience: Chinese English teacher: Chris...In 2006, I graduated from tianjin jiaotong university, majoring in business English. After graduation, I am engaged in English education. I have rich teaching experience.Hello, Everyone!Christy is my name and I am a graduate of the Tianjin Traffic Vocational College where my major was Business English. Since graduating from university,I have been teaching English for more than 2 years.I regard myself as being considerate, patient and above all a kind and caring person. In that respect,I have always been proud of my achievements and I love working with children very much.Now that I am working at Mark English Training School,I believe that students can expand their knowledge and understanding of English more freely and readily. As you know,The 'proof of the pudding is in the eating' and self-confidence is the key to success.I am confident that I can improve your English ability, so are you ready for the challenge?In my spare time I enjoy singing, especially English songs that can make me feel both happy and relaxed.Always remember, 'if you think you can, you can!'have a question to ask the teacher, solve effectively nuoda training consultant has answered questions and answers for 2354 students in class the latest community website map copyright ? shenzhen nuoda education co., LTD

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