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Old Colts Jerseys1. In addition to putting your phone on silent and vibrate mode and throwing it far away, make a reasonably detailed plan of what you're going to do, such as reading the power of habit today, page 1-20.(remember that don't get greedy, a bite to eat is not a big fat man, and plan too much, give yourself too much pressure, of intangible are encourage yourself and play mobile phones) 2. Indicate that they will be in what circumstances will go to the use of mobile phones, such as don't have interest for books in the book, so I'm coping strategies, with tomato working hours 25 minutes to read, can take a break, if still can't concentrate on reading, then switch to the professor, the father and the son like this comic books.When you want to play with your phone while you are executing your plan, you can directly apply these prepared coping strategies.3. You don't have to read the whole book to reach your goal.4. If you find that you can't do it for 25 minutes, you need to consider doing something else instead.In the process of replacing old habits with new ones, it's normal to try. It's a process of trial and error. Don't let it get you down.Here, the new habit will be gradually developed, and in the practice, it will bring a sense of accomplishment, for you to change the habit to set the foundation.But in the face of significant work or life stress, these new habits become fragile: it's back to the phone.In this case, the new habit is not formed?So the previous efforts are not in vain?Methods and strategies are as follows: 1. Finding someone to do this with you, or joining a club, increases your chances of achieving your goals.(the person you are doing things with should not be someone you know too well, but someone you know well enough to have an interest relationship with in the future.)2. Believe that you can replace old habits with new ones.(not to be continued) read "the power of habit" Day007 20171228 the 5th time 25% why in the boring time began to brush the circle of friends, taobao, playing games?Why do you want to lose weight but can't stick to it?Why is the beginning difficult?Why is it so easy for some people to change, but so hard for themselves?Why do some changes go back to before the change?Because of habit!Habit, its power lies in its subtle influence on all aspects of our lives, this quiet power, make our lives better or worse.For example, to join the fierce jianghu, during the action camp, we warm blood continuous action of the king dong zai, in addition to busy work, can also actively participate in the club activities, finally won the king of action.I, on the other hand, often struggle with how to reconcile work and clock in, feeling self-congratulatory about having been nominated or winning best.I have a habit of focusing on my closest achievement points in the process of achieving my goals, such as achieving the best.But there are people who can set their goals even further and achieve them.So sometimes I wonder, how far can I go?What can be done to make it better?Can you let your life in ten years, twenty years, thirty years...Become what you want to be?After reading this book, I have gained a lot, so I want to share it with you.Everyone has a habit they want to change, and while it often bothers them, the good news is that habits can be changed.First of all, what is a habit?It's the behaviors that we repeat over and over again in our lives, that are repeated at certain cues, and that some behaviors don't do that lead to cravings.After getting up in the morning, is there a habit of taking out your mobile phone to check the time, or browsing the circle of friends, listen to the agile and fierce morning reading?Would you choose a bus, a cult, a taxi or a subway when you go to work?Do your friends remember the first time they drove?Remember how you learned with the help of your parents and teachers, brushed your teeth, washed your face and ate your meals?...Set up a habit is very simple, because only need to constantly repeat the behavior, when repeated enough times, can be your skills, when you need him to just need to be repeated once learning process, this behavior is often more do more skilled, as it itself belongs to the technical habits.As the saying goes, the first step is the hardest.What should I do first when I get on the bus?Should you step on the brake or the gas when starting the car?Do you want to light up before you leave?And so on tangled over a thousand times the question, finally become without thinking.It's often easy to stick to this habit because it's so rewarding in itself, and when you learn it, you'll be able to acquire a particular skill that you haven't had before, which can yield benefits, or praise and satisfaction.But there are habits that don't see change in the short term, or that don't produce intuitive benefits.For example, reading and writing, which is often a long process, and the early beginning of the very difficult, when you read, your WeChat ring, taobao push came, there are new drama updates and so on!Everything is easier than reading.There are a few ways to do this: you don't want to spend a lot of time on your phone. You want to spend that time reading, writing, or doing other things that improve you.Then I will take out my mobile phone when I have nothing to do. I will look through my circle of friends to confirm whether there is any new information and check the subscription number to see whether there is any new good articles. When I am more bored, I will open taobao, xiaohongshu and other shopping software to start buying mode.Here's what to do: 1. Keep the cue to do something to pass the time when you're bored;2. Keep the rewards, kill the time, and reap the rewards.3. Replace checking your phone and shopping with reading and reading output.This is a very long and often broken new habit, because once you hear the WeChat or other sound made by the phone, you will have a strong desire to pick it up again, and the inner desire will not be satisfied until you actually pick it up.How to do?Simply, don't let old habits prevent new ones.We're all familiar with setting our phones to silent + no vibration and then throwing them away.So you don't check your phone anymore?Of course not. Every once in a while you have the illusion that someone is texting me.Could someone have called me?Something important must have been missed...What should we do in this case?Let's hear it next time.1. Habits can be cultivated, even if only for a few seconds: develop routines based on habits.2. To change existing habits, we need to retain the hints and rewards and replace the old ones with new ones.3. In the process of replacing the old behavior with the new behavior, methods can be used: through continuous practice, make the new behavior become the usual behavior;Joining a club or group can make change easier;New substitution behaviors need to be generated from observations and records of behaviors;Making lists makes problems and solutions clearer.Finding core habits can lead to changes in other behaviors;Faith can make the change of habit permanent. Without faith, the new habit will revert to the old habit when confronted with great pressure.Weak connections can help people stay motivated to change;Sharing growth-able methods increases the number of ways to change habits and the likelihood of change;Small successes can lead to big ones.It's not easy to replace old behaviors with new ones. It takes willpower.Willpower is a consumable but can also be cultivated through exercise. By understanding goals, increasing the sense of disposable, making detailed plans and solving strategies in the face of problems, willpower can be reduced and increased, making the cultivation of willpower a habit.5. A crisis is a turnaround.6. Within a group, change should be made on one of the most core habits of the day, so as to bring about changes in other habits and behaviors.Change must not be timely, the surface of calm, otherwise all will be in vain, will bring greater crisis.Reading "the power of habit, Day006 20171226 third time 100% yesterday, because of the software cannot continue editing after closing, so there is no the computer shutdown, standby for a day and a night, let me deeply that environmentalists think waste of nature resources, so today anyway, crustily skin of head to also want to give the third time a mind map to do it, but also because of this decision, so when do to concentrate on some than usual, and also know that they may be affected by mobile phone, mobile phone mute, ahead of schedule to remind, without any informationIt will be faster.In the process of doing, I also found a lot. In the first two times of reading, I did not pay attention to the problems and thinking blind spots. I used to think that, well, I seemed to understand this.Look forward to the fourth reading.Read the power of habit, Day005, 20171225, the third time, 26.33%.Read the power of habit. Day005. 20171224.Habits can be changed if you understand how they work.All the chapters of the book revolve around this central argument, divided into a preface, a first chapter, the habits of the individual, a second chapter on the habits of successful organizations, a third chapter on the habits of society, and a fifth afterword.The preface introduces the narrative style of the book and all the sub-arguments with two examples.In general, this book USES real social cases and scientific research to elaborate on three important parts. The first part is how habits come into being in personal life.The second part examines the habits of successful companies and organizations: you can turn an organization or company around by changing key habits;The third part explores social habits: the relationships and habits that transform our society.The first part is that individual habits -- illness or aging -- can make us unable to remember our age, or almost nothing, but able to maintain a relatively normal life.Because deep in the brain near the brainstem, where the spine meets the brain: the basal ganglia.Controls our automatic actions: how we walk, turn when we're about to hit a wall, brush our teeth, what we eat for breakfast, etc.That's because the brain is always looking for ways to save effort, to automate habitual behaviors, to give the brain more rest and more room to do other things.Cues, rituals, and rewards form our habitual circuits.For example, when we first started to learn driving school is very painful, is there a strange around the board to check the car before, got on the car often forget to wear your seat belt, and scolded by the master, before you start the car to check which some instrument can sometimes appear omissions, how to gear after the car started, brake and clutch to control will not shut down, parking should be to which one side bearing point, the steering wheel to play a few rounds and so on.Are very, very time consuming and energy consuming, often feel overwhelmed.But when you learn to drive, you can just sit in the car and do it without thinking.And in the continuous practice, driving technology is getting better and better.Getting in the driver's seat is a sign that we start doing our usual behavior, the reward of driving: making our driving behavior smoother and life easier through smooth behavior.Habits can appear outside our consciousness, or they can be deliberately modified.Here's how to do it: first, find a simple, obvious cue; second, state clearly what the rewards are; and third, replace your usual behavior with the behavior you want to do.A bad habit becomes a good habit once it is replaced by a new behavior.Toothpaste, for example, was introduced to many countries from the United States, but at first it didn't sell very well in the United States, even though it was known to remove tartar, protect our teeth and whiten them.But it's hard to spend any other energy or money trying to change this sudden behavior.So.Hopkins mint and citric acid, used in toothpaste, make people in the process of brushing your teeth brushing one's teeth in addition to being able to clean teeth, there is a feeling of more direct fresh stimulus, once they will be the feeling associated with a clean mouth, so the new habit of brushing your teeth, becomes a habit, so as to make the white speed to toothpaste on the basis of other toothpaste has been sold.To change a habit, you must retain the cues in the old habit loop, offer the rewards in the old habit loop, but insert a new habit.This is consistent with the previous point that we often don't really know the urges that drive our behavior until we deliberately seek them out, and while it's easy to describe the process of changing habits, it's not always easy to actually change them.We can do this by recording.For example, if someone wants to quit smoking, they need to record when they usually start smoking, how satisfied they are after smoking or how they have received spiritual rewards.Only when we clearly understand the cues and rewards can we change our smoking behavior by constantly trying to replace our habitual behaviors with other behaviors.And trying is usually necessary, because in the process of understanding why smoking leads to satisfaction, an attempt is made for the behavior, and the process of trying is an attempt to replace the habitual behavior.The habits of substitution last forever only when they are combined with other factors.Habit replacement works for most people, but when life gets too stressful, they relapse.Choosing to join a group is a good way to perpetuate alternative behaviors. When people join groups that promote change, the likelihood of change increases.Habits cannot be eliminated, they can only be replaced. If you want to change a habit, you must find another habit to replace it. When you work with a group, the success of the change is greatly improved.It is also necessary for the team to move forward, and it is cultivated in the group, even if the group is only two people, the result is the same.The second part is the habits of successful organizations.In an organization or company, of course, employees are encouraged to replace their personal habits with habits that are more appropriate to the needs of the organization, or more efficient.But in general, the formation of the company's core habits is more conducive to the rapid progress of the group.Small successes are key habitsExtensive change is part of the process.It all started with a small success. Alcoa became a leader in the industry by focusing on safety, creating rich revenues and allowing the flagging company to flourish.Starbucks has trained its employees to serve so that the son of a drug addict, a high-school dropout who can't control himself to stay on the job, becomes a manager earning tens of thousands of dollars a month.It's all about willpower, a skill that can be learned, just as much as doing math or saying thank you.When we make changes to our behavior, it usually takes willpower to keep us going against the original behavior, which, over time, can make our replacement behavior automatic.But a lot of people usually because can't insist, and make themselves give up the effort and insist on action.So when it comes to making changes, it's recommended to start with core habits, because if people strengthen their willpower in one area of their lives, that strength will find its way into their eating habits and their work, and once that strength is strengthened, it will spread to all areas of their lives.How to strengthen our willpower?First, for most people, persistence in physical activity increases willpower and promotes changes in core habits, which in turn promote changes in other habits.The second is more effective than the first, because a lot of people can not insist on sports ah, cry to reduce weight every day but can not reduce.Write down your detailed plan. Write down any obstacles you may encounter after the plan, and find a solution ahead of time.In layman's terms, think about the difficulties you will encounter in carrying out the plan, based on your own previous failures.Then write down what you will do when these difficulties arise.When you actually encounter this difficulty in the process of executing your plan, you will be able to successfully solve the problem according to the existing solution, so that the new behavior will flow more smoothly.What if I have trouble writing?Write down the new difficulty, how you handled it, and how you can handle it better in the future. This will increase your strategy and make your next action more favorable.This is the process by which willpower is converted into habit. Solutions are worked out before difficulties occur, and then dealt with legally when they occur.Similarly, as mentioned above, willpower is not infinite. When we think that this choice can help others, we will use less willpower. If we feel that we have no autonomy and simply accept orders, the consumption of willpower will speed up.In the work, the employees have some control, with real decision-making power, can make the employees will be more energy and thought into the work, give the employees the sense of control, the employees can show the amount of self-discipline in the work.Another unstable state of peace, often as destructive as war, is the tacit collaboration that keeps institutions running most of the time, but the harmony that stops internal strife can last only when genuine justice emerges.If the internal balance is not right, no matter how perfect, it will create a major crisis, and when it does, we need to seize it and reshape organizational habits.For example, when consumers encounter major life events, their consumption habits are more likely to change.For businesses, most customers make a big difference when a new baby arrives. Pregnant women are a gold mine. New parents buy a ton of stuff.If the mother, exhausted by her children, and the father, chronically sleep-deprived, start shopping in the same place, it will buy other things at the same time and last for years.Therefore, many businesses try their best to win over pregnant women to spend in their stores. In order to win over these pregnant women, businesses study their shopping habits and consumption behaviors, and regularly send them coupons that pregnant women may need, so as to stabilize the customer source.Even in the music industry, familiar music can help the brain tune out all the noise, freeing us from the endless decisions we have to make every day.Radio stations use the habit of mixing new songs with old ones to promote.Better results are usually achieved.The third part is social habits.The power of social habits, this kind of unthinking behavior, is often not noticed by many people, but it contains the power to change the world.The networks around us can be roughly divided into three types: strong connections, weak connections, and strangers.In life, strong connections are often our closest friends or relatives, and we are in the same social circle. Acquaintances with weak connections usually play a more important role than friends with strong connections, because from weak connections, we can get in touch with social circles that we have not joined, turning strangers into weak connections.In addition, people with weak connections may find it difficult to organize or unite to launch any kind of movement, while one or two friends may be able to get together quickly, but the problem is that without weak connections, it is difficult for any kind of activity to go beyond one's own circle, and as a result, it is impossible to mobilize most people to participate.Because of weak ties is often accompanied by peer pressure, peer pressure is usually transmitted between the people of weak links, and established under the expectations of the common authority, if ignore the neighborhood of foreign body sensation, if you of the set pattern of the community, you will probably lose your social status, endangering themselves get more benefits, this kind of peer pressure is not enough to sustain the process of change, but when the strong ties of friendship and peer pressure the weak link of fusion, he was able to create amazing energy.How can you make a weak connection?It is a good choice to join the group, in the group, you can know more people, and their joint efforts to promote their own change.How do you make these weak connections strong connections?You need to work in small groups, which are smaller in number than in groups, and can lead to closer relationships over time.Like a petri dish, you can develop strong connections if you want to.The best way to divide a group is by people they might come into contact with, or who might be helpful to them.Such as a community, or in a certain range can contact, like this group besides there will be a weak link, also can produce peer relationship, this kind of dual role of peer relationship and the weak link, to make them change, is no longer can choose or can give up behavior, and makes it necessary to help them to change their behavior.Reading the power of habit Day004 20171223 pages 221 to 300 by 100% count, and having discovered a habit in the last chapter that might be beneficial to the cat herd, he decided to edit it and send it to uncle cat.The bus protests began a decade ago, but the day after parks was arrested, he was bailed out by two friends, the President of the Montgomery summit of the national association for the advancement of colored people and a prominent white local lawyer.They bailed out not only the parks, and is in the association for the advancement of colored people under the leadership of President Nixon, this struggle a long pulled open heavy curtain, they through the weak links between community and the masses, namely between unfamiliar and familiar with this weak link, and animating the whole fight, and fight the scale expands unceasingly.Why compared with strong ties and strange, weak ties can promote such a movement, we can from a group called the Mississippi in 1964 summer plans, which became free summer movement, can a clues, when application through more than one thousand volunteers, but eventually the departure only more than 600 people, more than 300 people are under the remarks, or worry about political issues and exit.The researchers did a comprehensive analysis of the people who quit and the people who kept going, and they found that when they were applying, each of them filled out at least five pages of applications, proving that they had been thoughtful, not spontaneous, but why did 300 people give up?This is because they are not associated with the organizations that they are involved in at school or in society, that is, when they give up the program, it doesn't affect their social status or their social fame in the future. What about those who have weak connections?They want to give up, but because of the weak ties between these societies, once they give up, it will cause a bad effect, so no matter how much they struggle, they take the last train to Sicily.Back to the bus protest, this event can be insisted, because if contact, but he can insist for 10 years, because habit to get the spirit of the fullness.In the flourishing of protest, the priest, that is Martin Luther King, jr., was an explosion near his home, although not endanger his wife and children's life, but caused quite a stir when he get back home, black already and the local police to fight, but he immediately to stop the violence, he said, don't panic, don't use weapons, the use of violence will eventually backfire, we should love our enemies, curse you to bless them, persecute you, and pray for them.It was a Christian belief, but it was this belief that led the black people to follow through on their protest in a friendly way.So much so that three months later, the police began to arrest the boycott people in large Numbers and bring them to court, and some of them volunteered to see if their names were on the indictment list and were even disappointed.When the repression is no longer a fear, but an act of faith, the movement can go on for a long time.Chapter 9, the neuroscience of free will, whether we should take responsibility for their own habits in the first story, the gambler bachmann, she is a housewife, mother of three children, when he began to drug addicts, third child started kindergarten, two other children were reading middle school, and her husband every day repeating the six of eight night work, she felt very bored and lonely at home, so she started gambling, from the beginning every Friday to time, to go two times a week, three times a week, from win money to lose money, borrow money to gamble, finally because of gambling quarrel with her husband, the pawn shop staff humiliated, finally broke.To the court, her lawyer to defend her, also said she constantly gambling, not from what we wanted, but because of who I am, as her mother said to her, her gambling but because need the attention of others, when she stay alone at home, don't get the attention of others, she wishes to satisfy his need to be concerned by gambling.Example 2, habits and moral choice is about a man named Thomas, he and his wife go to the beach, that night, they sleep in the car, the results when he woke up, but found strangled his wife, the police charged Thomas murder, but all the evidence is almost before the terror of the night, he and his wife, marriage has always been very happy.But many people can attest to the fact that he has been sleepwalking, although sleepwalking has not produced a bad record for him.In the United States, there are a lot of criminals with their uncontrolled consciousness at that time the reason to escape punishment and laws, so some researchers to Thomas conducted two test, prove that he didn't realize he was doing something illegal and criminal, he is a dream, dreamed that his own wife, and hurt by bad guys, instinctively want to protect his wife, choke to death as a result of people is his wife.Although Thomas was later found not guilty, his life was greatly affected and he felt so guilty that at the final verdict, both the jury and the judge could not help but comfort him and ask him to come to terms.Reading "the power of habit, Day004 ? ? 20171222 winter solstice on page 195 to page 220 ? ? ? ? sellers undertake ZhangLianSuo 7 above 73%, the second case can predict consumer behavior, music industry im as well in the music industry a hit single, can bring them huge profits, so a lot of radio stations and music company developed through the special software to identify, where on earth can one song, hey ah, this song created one of the most popular band in the world, is a blend of funk, rock and hip-hop, and weak with strong rock big band style song,It stood out among the software recognition, so a large number of bands and broadcast managers began to promote it, but the result was not good. People often chose to change the channel after hearing it. Many people said that this song was actually good, but they did not know why, so they chose to change the channel.Through investigation and study, according to data from the human brain will seek a kind of familiar feeling, because that feeling can help us out all the noise interference, when we hear the familiar song, feel sounds right, so they came up with in the middle of the familiar songs mingled with the hey ah to promote, not surprisingly this song, this is the new wine in old bottles, im as well.The third example is about people's eating habits. In 1941, the American people could not accept eating the offal of animals, but their protein-rich meat was already provided on the battlefield, and on the battlefields of their friends. Only the offal of animals could support the national demand for protein.How do you get people to accept eating the innards of animals, get them used to these weird ingredients?It's about finding ways to make the ingredients look and taste and smell exactly the same as the food the family expects to appear on the table.For example, the government would send letters to housewives saying that every husband likes steak and kidney pie, makes the internal organs like steak and so on.Through this campaign, the diet committee incorporated the guts of edible animals into their established habits, and the consumption of the organs increased by 50 percent from 1941 to 1955.Other Suggestions that do not build on existing ones, such as the food pyramid guide and the five-a-day campaign, have failed.How can he solve this problem if he is found to be prying into his privacy, that is, if he sends out all these products that he has bought or wants?They'll print the things you want on the same list as the things you won't use at all, and send them to your home so you can see the deals on the things you need, which will encourage people to shop.The third part is social habits.Chapter 8 the Montgomery bus boycott, how the social movement happened Martin Luther King, who I have a dream of speaking to, is no stranger to you, had a bus incident in Montgomery, Alabama, before he spoke.The cause is long-standing, because white people's discrimination against black people, so there are only white seats and a non-fixed area on the bus, at the end of the bus is the place where black people can sit, but when the protagonist of our event.Rosa Parks was sitting in an open area when a white man came up. There were four black men in the open areaImmediately, three black men got up, walked to the back and offered their seats to the white man, but the bus didn't seem to stop, demanding that Rosa Parks leave her seat as well. Rosa Parks refused, so the bus driver called the police and arrested her.From here, the bus incident started with a great deal of excitement. In fact, there have been similar incidents before. There have been small protests.First of all, the heroine is a selfless devotee. She often helps various groups, communities and clubs and does what she can.In short, parks had an influence on many social networks in Montgomery, so when he was arrested, his friends organized to rescue her and staged a massive protest against the incident.In addition, the political environment was rapidly changing. Six months before parks was arrested, the Supreme Court issued a law requiring schools to desegregate with absolute discretion.A year ago, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in brown v. board of education that segregation in public schools was illegal.Although their city, Montgomery, was relatively remote, it was a ray of light for blacks.The bus incident came to a climax, and this is the power of social habits related to the whole social pattern. This kind of thoughtless behavior is often not noticed by many people, but it contains the power to change the world. For example, black people fight for their rights and demand equality.Starbucks wanted to change one core habit to make a difference in others, so they funded their employees to attend weight loss classes and offered free gym memberships.But there are many complaints: there is no energy to go to class and do sports after work every day.So the effect is not what they want.Through reflection, they realized that if it is difficult for employees to discipline themselves at work, it is also difficult for them to participate in the program of strengthening self-discipline outside of work. How to solve this problem?To solve our willpower fatigue from work is to follow a set of habitual behaviors, such as the habitual solutions to employees' problems. This is the core problem that starbucks as a service industry needs to solve, so they use role play to train employees until all coping behaviors become spontaneous.In such training, after the initial results, they made improvements, and in the employee training manual, employees were asked to provide solutions based on the proposed situation and record the practice.This is the process by which willpower turns into habit, thinking of solutions before they happen, and then dealing with them when they do.The CEO who propelled starbucks to greatness was Howard schultz, who increased the number of starbucks stores to 84 in three years after borrowing money to buy the company's first six stores. Within six years, the number had surpassed 1,000.His family was struggling, with his father breaking his foot and losing his job when he was seven, and the family, along with two other siblings, crammed into a two-bedroom apartment.Schultz says he owes his success to his mother, who always asks, "what's your plan for today? What are you going to do tomorrow?"Are you ready for the exam?Push him to keep setting new goals.This is exactly what happened in an experiment at the university of Albany, where people were put in two different rooms and given the same experiment, which was about willpower.The difference was that one group was treated with thoughtful courtesy and explained the purpose of the experiment, while the other group was given cold instructions and orders. The results showed that participants used much less willpower if they thought it was a choice, or if they were happy because they could help others.If he feels he has no autonomy and simply accepts orders his willpower will drain faster.When applied to a business, or an organization, it means simply giving employees a sense of total control and real decision-making that allows them to devote more energy and thought to their work.Give employees more control and they will perform better at their jobs.Starbucks is committed to giving its employees more discretionary opportunities, allowing them to redesign the layout of its coffee machines and cash registers, among other things.The key moments in the process of developing habits can be addressed with self-planning.We can record in the plan at a specific time, may encounter problems, and find solutions in advance, when the temptation to give up halfway appears.We will be able to adhere to the solutions that have been worked out.Chapter 6, crisis is change, how leaders create new habits by accident.Medical malpractice: a dangerous habit pattern in today's society, medical malpractice happens frequently. This medical malpractice comes from tokushima hospital in the United States, whose medical malpractice comes not from the original relationship between doctors and patients, but from doctors and nurses.Nurses often feel enslaved and disrespected by doctors, denied a voice and the right to advise.After the protests failed, the nurses marked the doctors inside themselves, dividing them into blue people good, red people bad-tempered, black people. Whatever you do, don't fight them, or they'll rip your head off.From then on, medical errors occurred frequently in this hospital.An 86-year-old man died when his head was reoperated on in the wrong open position.Eighteen months later, another surgeon got the wrong place in the cleft lip surgery for children;Five months later, a surgeon, in an operation, mistook the patient's finger;Ten months later a drill was missing in the patient's skull.Their medical malpractice has put them on the defensive in the U.S. media, and even authorities have begun to worry about when the hospital might lose its license.The new CEO seized on the opportunity to overhaul the hospital, installing cameras in every operating room to monitor the procedure.The proposal has been put forward before, but has not been implemented.It was only through this major safety crisis that hospitals were able to spread without resistance.The policy paid off quickly, and in 2009 the hospital was awarded cape lighthouse by the American college of surgeons, a recognition of the hospital's quality of care for cancer patients and the hospital's level of critical care.Case two, from the largest subway fire in the United States.Some passengers responded to the conductor that there was a fire at the bottom of the stairs. The conductor went to check that the fire was small and put it out.But within 15 minutes of the incident, flames were already running up the steps and soon began to spread through the subway station. It took 22 minutes for the fire warning to be reported to the manager before they called the fire department.The fire brigade was called to the scene and instead of using fire hydrants inside the subway, they put out the fire from the street.By the time the fire died out, nearly four hours after they arrived, 31 people had been killed and dozens injured.In this case, both subway workers and firefighters were responsible, but when it came to one person, they didn't seem to have done anything wrong.The important principle comes from inside the subway station, because of the power and responsibility distinction, everyone belongs to have nothing to do, only responsible for their assigned tasks, to other departments, especially the fire problem did not pay attention.They don't think it's part of their job description.And the fire brigade, having wasted a lot of time connecting hoses to unfamiliar pipes after an accident a decade ago, always thought they should use the equipment they knew best.Government officials in charge of the fire investigation held a 91-day public hearing, removed all of the subway's internal leadership and overhauled the system's rules so that every employee was obliged to share the slightest sign of risk with passengers.Chapter seven, chain sales can predict consumer behavior, and how businesses can predict and manipulate your habits.Andrew Bohr, a data and analytics specialist, works in a store to analyze customers' purchases and the information that comes with swiping a credit card.And consumers do not know that each person receives a different promotional message.And they found that pregnant women were the biggest buyers among these groups, because consumers' spending habits tend to change when they encounter major life events, the biggest of which is parenthood.They analyze the purchase situation and the information they buy from other channels, make statistics on those who may already be pregnant, predict their due date, and promote their diapers, milk powder and other items according to their due date, so that they can become long-term users of the store.Read the power of habit Day003, pp. 123 to 137, pp. 20171220, the power of habit 45%, chapter 5, starbucks and successful habits:Willpower into spontaneous consciousness example 1, from the star of our father, who Travis. Richie, at the age of nine, he first saw the father's drug overdoses came close to death, in this way, the son of a drug addict and a high school dropout, with guests at McDonald's work is often noisy, other work is not for a long time to stick to a person, after starbucks has carried on the internal training, became a dozens of staff, and tens of thousands of dollars monthly income.How did starbucks manage it?This comes from a case western reserve university experiment in which willpower is a learnable skill that can be taught as well as doing math and saying thank you.But this skill is not constant over time.How to put it this way, our willpower is a consumable substance, and before any other training, everyone's willpower level is relatively constant.If your will is 60 points, then when you lose 30 points for resisting beauty, your will power will be reduced to 30 points.And the remaining 30 points can only be used to do things with lower willpower than resisting food. When the score is greater than or equal to 30, you will show impatience and impatience.Reading "the power of habit, Day002 ? ? 20171219 page 61 to page 123 ? ? ? ? 41% in the first part, the third chapter, used to change the golden rule: why habits will change in case 1: about American football, the worst in the history of a team, the pirates, how to get the super bowl (NBA) the rugby ball winner, of course.The team's change began with a change of coach, and dungy, after being their coach, set about replacing their existing habits with new ones, but with the same hints and rewards.For example, where players look during practice, Dundee would ask him to look at the players first, after the opposition had entered his area, and then at the goalkeeper, only with a change of focus and order, but with the same content as before.It's a simple habit change like this that allows this team to win a key game and all the players to start believing they can win.Didn't end here, however, when the players are familiar with these patterns begin to completely, also is the second season in Dundee when the coach, the pirates won five straight wins for the first time, and lead the pirates into the playoffs for the first time in 15 years, won the regional laurels, pirates has achieved unprecedented brilliance, they are in trouble.When they come to the end, the crucial game is always to return to the form they had before Dundee arrived, thus ceding their chances of promotion to someone else.It happened two years in a row, and coach dungy was fired.But Dundee's talents were recognized by the pirates for a significant change, and he was hired as coach by another team called the colts.The same underperforming team that had the success of Dundee's habit change and re-linking had the same tragedy again, always reverting to their old habits at the crucial moment, leading to the loss of the game.The difference this time is that the son of coach Dundee has committed suicide.The story of the accident made all the members of the colts want to help coach Dundee and do something for him. They began to believe that they could help Dundee.Ten months after his death in the coach's son Jimmy, the colts, entered the league finals in the first half before the end of their state has started to recover to collapse, at halftime, Dundee called all the people, he says you must believe you can win, and we have faced the same situation, and on this team, it's time we win this time.In fact, the colts won the regional championship in a surprising way.Example 2: how alcoholics anonymous managed to help so many people stop drinking.An American military officer named Wilson was admitted to a hospital for drug and alcohol addiction after his drinking put his marriage in jeopardy and nearly killed his child while driving drunk.When he stopped drinking, he didn't drink again for the next 36 years of his life, and its relentless efforts to create and promote anonymous made him one of the world's largest and best-known organizations that succeeded in helping people change their habits.But there is no scientific basis for their famous 12 steps to abstinence, seven of which mention god and spirituality.This has led to a lot of criticism from academics, researchers and, equally inexplicably, no scientific evidence to support it, but it does a great job of helping people stop drinking!So scientists and researchers kept coming in, and they found that this community replaced drinking with a good, habitual behavior.This need you find drive, desire for sense our actions, we need to through the records to know, understand the implied and desire will not make bad habits disappear immediately, but it can let you have a way to change your behavior pattern, of course, describe habits change process is very simple, but is not always easy to change both.Also, it's easy to get back into the habit when you're in a stressful situation.How to do to be able to let oneself not easy to develop good habits to be maintained?It takes a good team, or someone else.When we join groups that make change happen, we are more likely to change our habits, and more likely to keep our habits because a group monitors each other.The second part is the habits of successful organizations.Chapter 4 core habits: the most important habits.After reading this chapter, my understanding of the core is that by changing one habit, a habit that can lead to positive changes in other habits is the core habit of our behavior.Alcoa, by any other name, is a maker of chocolate foil and Coca-Cola can metal, and they even provide materials for satellites.But it is this, one of the world's biggest aluminium companies, that has suffered before.Thanks to a former government official named Paul o 'neill, who used an incredible

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