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Reggie Miller JerseyThere are a lot of running apps on the market now. The main function is to record your running route, your running condition, speed and distance, etc., mostly using SDK such as autonite map and baidu map.There was a running APP called sports world campus, which was used by many college students.For the sake of those few pitiful sports points, a semester to run 120 kilometers, very annoying, but now has been four years, don't run hey.Pull away.Back to the topic, this article mainly introduces how to realize the function of running in campus running similar to sports world.Now there are only a few giant map companies in the market. I chose autonite map to develop, mainly because it is also used in the company and I have relevant experience in using it.There are many map-related functional SDKS on the open platform of autonavi, you can learn about them.First of all, we need to integrate the Android SDK. There is a detailed configuration tutorial on the official website, Android map SDK integration. I won't go into details here.When it's integrated, it looks something like this.This is just a map function.If we want to show the running route, we need to get the latitude and longitude information of the current location.Scott SDK provides a listener interfaces AMap. OnMyLocationChangeListener, implements this interface, we can obtain positioning of the latitude and longitude information, we let the load map Activity implements this interface, rewrite its onMyLocationChange (Location Location) method, methods of parameters, the Location is our current Location information.? ? ? ? to get the position information, we will be able to draw the route, because the location information is a fixed time interval to obtain (about once every two seconds to get), so, the thinking of drawing is, get the current position of longitude and latitude and the previous location latitude and longitude, the two latitude and longitude point together, is our path, every two seconds to draw a path, together is our running route.The autonavi map provides a way to draw lines on a map.If you pass in information about the latitude and longitude of two points, you can draw a line between them.In this way, we realized the running route drawing function.About the function of treading, to treading, we first have to mark our points on the map.The autonavi map also provides a relevant method for drawing marker points.As long as the latitude and longitude information of the markers is passed in, this method can be called to draw the markers on the map. What we need to do is to prepare the latitude and longitude information of those markers.I've got some latitude and longitude of the markers here.The dots on the map look like this.Now that all the markers have been drawn, the next question is how to determine the location of the event.The so-called treading, is your position, in the location of the mark point, the latitude and longitude of both the same, people stepped on this point.However, since GPS positioning is not 100% accurate, we define the trigger of the treading event as the linear distance between the position of the person and the position of the marker is less than a certain value, and then the point is stepped on.No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.Just pass in the longitude and latitude values of the two points, you can get the linear distance between the two points, let's take this distance as a check.Every time the latitude and longitude of the current coordinate are obtained, the distance is calculated from each marker point. When the distance is less than the judging distance, the point is marked as having been stepped on.I used the filter of Rxjava to judge the distance. After getting the latitude and longitude, I filtered out the mark points whose distance was less than the determination distance in the list of mark points, and set it as the checked point.The color of the marker is processed here, and when you step on the marker, the color of the marker turns yellow.So far, the running line check function is realized, is not very simple.I'll just post the code for the core functions here, and comment on the methods.The implementation of functions is not complicated, the main work is the integration SDK and onMyLocationChange(Location Location) this Location acquisition method processing, the biggest hole is actually in the integration SDK and map related configuration, as long as the autonavi map configuration, you can do whatever you want.The project's GitHub address is also posted here to check out the running routes based on the gaud map.If you need to compile to run, you need to set the developer key in your development environment.Programmer this occupation is the lack of exercise, go out for a run or very good, finally I wish you good health, ha ha.The above.Without further ado, first go to the autonavi API to get the key(this is an important step), because you can't get the autonavi map without the key.First of all, this is the website of gaod map API, you can click to get your key...The principle of Git technology must know how it is, which means: know it is like this, but also know why it is like this.I'm going to give you a quick overview of how Git works with four pieces of content.The contents of these four blocks are as follows: Git storage directory structure describes how Git is stored G...Recently, a company project has encountered a need to keep track of similar exercise data.The IOS side reference YSRun (project address: completed soon.There are few references on the Android side.It's another weekend, and the "big three" programming languages -- Java,Lisp, and C -- are gathering at HelloWorld.When the waiter brought the coffee, he also brought a piece of today's newspaper."Love to develop" follows us at 10pm every night, capturing technical thinking and entrepreneurial resources insight into what is ThreadLocalThreadLocal is a local thread copy variable tool class, each thread has a thread private...The use of the map in detail in the case of real computer may appear in various circumstances, the positioning of the map, the displacement function, better help you to map the development of the function, and the simple realization of real-time mapping track function..Blog posts from: the number of blog 12-04 tser-son wu 3136 projects in inadvertently looked at more than half a year ago do today, in addition to their endless abandon slag write code at the time, is more a sigh of not easy when meeting difficulties at the time, is doing more impressive cyit run about visual when asked to do a running track dynamic gradient function, and USES the uniform...At present, the project is applied to gaud SDK, and the requirements are as follows :1. To obtain real-time vehicle mileage calculation; 2. To obtain driving track when reaching the destination; 3.Have you ever fantasized about reading a book and remembering everything?Do you want to learn a skill to peak immediately?This is impossible unless you are a genius.For most ordinary people, learning can be achieved by stupid means (rote memorization), but it is inefficient.Of course, or...The code is as follows:!Doctypehtml>& lt;Html>& lt;Head>& lt;Metacharset = "utf-8" & gt;& lt;Metahttp - eq...Blog posts from: strong elder brother where force where that 08-08 reading the original address: number 2966 =1 random generation point random generation points are currently used to draw the removal of stitches.?123456789101112131415 publ...Recently, a new requirement has been created in the project to redraw the map of virtual routes. Today I would like to share the redrawing of the map of gaode!2. The details of the drawing method given a few key coordinates of the latitude and longitude of the 3Time timer...Nowadays, it's getting easier and easier to make money from your own code, but it's still hard for many people because they don't know what to do.Today I'd like to share with you a wonderful...From: zen in Python column 05-25 read a number of 20,000 + 1, first code: HTML code: js code: varpostData={};PostData [' rsearch] = rsearch;PostData [' uid] = uid;PostData [' stime] =...1. The track animation is smooth, slow-fast-slow; 2.2. The gradient should be consistent with the effect of the map gradient API;3. Drag the map and the animation disappears to show the full gradient track.1. The autonavi map does not provide an API for the corresponding effect, but it can be converted into...Click on the blue "GitHubDaily" to follow me. I'll add a "star tag" to show you around GitHub at 18:35 PM every day!The author | | SevDot source programmers who earn $400, 000 a year, it's not just that they're skilled. It's also that they work for companies with good benefits or a direct stake in them.BAT is a good example. For example, P7 and P8 employees at alibaba are not only paid 30 to...Blog posts from: the famous programmers 04-15 read recent projects need to number 994 Gao Deding figure positioning, to record the simple integration thought put libs and only download files of main code file, I have been using the API of autonavi, which is recorded by the way.Normally, we just draw the path statically by giving the path an array of latitude and longitude, but how can we dynamically draw multiple paths by receiving data (such as Json data)?There are two ways to do this.// set data...Recently, the company's code management tools need to be transferred from SVN to Git. Therefore, although I have used Git before, it is all simple push submission. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out some systematic study.The comparison between SVN and Git has been...Blog post from: front end afternoon tea 09-21 read 130,000 + cause again late into the night, I according to the past in CSDN and public number write data structure!It takes up a lot of my time!My sister beyond the serious lack of company and full of resentment!And the girl friend often complains, thinks the data structure so abstract difficult thing has no what effect, regular meeting asks: write this thing every day, have...The past 20 years have been a time of great programmer goodwill and vendeuism through code, realizing dreams and wealth. Some people are obsessed with technology, making overnight products, others cashing in on technology, starting businesses and going public.Blog posts from: pure smile 09-13 read number 60000 + is written in the data structure and algorithm in front: don't know if you have this kind of confusion, although brush problem, many algorithms when I went to the interview, the interviewer let you write a algorithm, may be you are very familiar with this algorithm, know the implementation mentality, but always don't know where is the writing, and many boundary conditions are not fully...Blog post from: an unwilling common code nong09-21 reading 40,000 + directory 1, AdminLTE2, vue-element-admin3, tabler4, Gentelella5, ng2-admin6, ant-design-pro7, blur-admin8, iview-ad...Blog posts from: no hair loss on the number of 10-08 reading program ape 10000 + reprint please attach: this blog the original address is:, the original blog is still in updating, more original content click blog addresses the directory, J...We are on holiday these days, many people are traveling, but these technology Numbers still insist on updating their tweets, because many students are worried about the situation -- "hopeless promotion, peak income, soaring living expenses, financial crisis," I chose a few good original skills...I'm sorry, I'm heading off because I want to change

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